Ferrous Metals

“Ferrous is an adjective used to indicate the presence of iron. The word is derived from the Latin word ferrum.”

  • Manganese Steel – Non-magnetic, hardened steel used in the mining industry, cement mixers, rock crushers, and other high impact and abrasive environments
  • Turnings – Usually the remains of drilling or shaping steels, also known as Borings and Swarf
  • Reo – Any type of re-inforcing bars or mesh usually used in the construction industry within concrete
  • Cast IronExamples: cast iron baths, machinery, pipe and engine blocks
  • Pressing Steel – Most Domestic scrap metal up to approximately 6mm thick. Examples: whitegoods (fridges, washing machines, etc), roofing iron, water heaters, water tanks and sheet metal offcuts
  • Car Bodies – Most vehicles with or without their original wheels and interiors. Sunshine Recycling also purchases all types of vehicle components. 
  • HMS – Heavy Melting Steel – Most industrial or commercial scrap steel greater than 6mm thick. Examples: plate, beams, columns, channels, merchant bar, farm machinery or implements, metal stampings and offcuts

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